Door Upgrade Kit

The Door Upgrade Kit fits our WorkBox 3.0 right door for a finished look. 

Easy to install, the Upgrade Kit includes:

  • 7 built-in shelves
  • 6 built-in hooks for assorted tools
  • 3 built-in pockets for pens and tools
  • 7 adjustable acrylic guards
  • 2 interchangeable metal bars to replace acrylic guards for customization!
  • The Door Upgrade Kit is available in white (for all white and black WorkBox 3.0) and in knotty alder (for the WorkBox 3.0 Knotty Alder).

Assembly Required: Place The Door Upgrade Kit into The WorkBox  door panel over the black felt, into the right swing door. The Door Upgrade Kit leaves a space at the bottom for velcro pouches. Sold as 2 insert panels with 8 screws. Acrylic guards are installed with 14 screws and 14 washers, instructions included!

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