The Modern MiniBox

Actual Availability:

- Modern MiniBox white: End of May

- Modern MiniBox black: End of March

Meet our new Modern MiniBox!

We have redesigned and improved our MiniBox to offer you a beautiful, modern, and intelligent design for your workspace.

Our Modern MiniBox is mobile, transitioning from space to space allowing you to create anywhere. Whether sewing, scrapbooking or any other diy working, she is the perfect partner for your hobby. When closed she appears as a classic cabinet and when opened she turns into a dream to organize and create. The Modern MiniBox is like a little room-in-a-room and will guarantee you an overview over all your stamps, washi tapes, papers, paint, fabrics, and tools in an easy accessible and decorative way. Dust free and safe from sunlight.

Keep it displayed in your kitchen, living room, or guest bedroom as a perfect hideaway station and work area. Plus enjoy our all inclusive clear tote set which is made with food-grade safe material.

  • New! Lock dowel technology for faster building time and our strongest build ever!
    • Save time with our newest assembly system
    • Patented lock dowels are pre-installed for your convenience
    • Rubber Mallet for build is included!
  • New! (44) Clear Totes Included!
    • 12 Large Totes (12 5/8"W x 12 1/2"L x 3"H)
    • 20 Shoebox Totes (5.5"W x 12"L x 4.5"H) with 2 removable dividers each
    • 12 Notions Totes with 3 dividers (2.3"W x 12"L x 3"H) with 3 removable dividers each
    • Made with food-grade safe materials for storing kitchen tools!
    • Easy clean up with warm soapy water
  • New! (5) Plastic Notions Tray Inserts Included!
    • Perfect for storing small beads, jewels, buttons, and notions!
  • New! Shelf Configurations
    • We have re-designed the vertical adjustable shelving so you can store your Large Totes on either the left or right side of our Modern MiniBox
    • Notions Totes are now closer to the swing doors for quick and easy access to supplies at your workspace
  • New! Swing Door Designs
    • Left Swing Door now features (6) Metal Hooks and (3) shelves with acrylic guards
    • Right Swing Door now features (2) shelves with acrylic guards and 3 pockets for tools, paintbrushes, pens, etc.
  • New! Color and Style Options
    • Front door panels are now offered in a beautiful Raised Panel design
      • Choose between a Black or White Raised Panel design
    • All-white interior for a clean modern look, making it easy to see your supplies!
    • Choose between 3 different colored table tops for a modern two-toned look!
      • Midnight Black
      • Chocolate Pear
      • Rain Cloud Gray
  • 2 folding table legs for added workstation support
  • 12 sturdy caster wheels, for easy movement! Can hold up to 800 pounds of supplies!

  • All our furniture is delivered for self-assembly!


    You can order your Modern MiniBox anytime and by choosing the payment method "direct bank transfer" we will request your payment only just before delivery!

    All prices are subject to shipping!

    May take 2-4 hours to build with two people, depending on building experience. Detailed paper and video instructions provided.

    Lock dowel patented hardware is easy to assemble. Just slide or snap panels together. Fasteners are 100% hidden when fully assembled.