Crop ABS / portable paper trimmer

The CutterPillar Crop ABS is a light, portable professional paper cutter / trimmer specially designed to combine speed, precision and accuracy in a cutting unit. The CutterPillar Crop does the trimming of your papers and photos quickly, cleanly and effectively! The CutterPillar Pro is a class of its own thanks to the special features such as the rotating self-sharpening blade and the LED light below the cutting edge, as well as the folding mechanism for reducing the size. The bright LED-light illuminates the cutting line optimally. Designed to cut everything from large 12 inch papers to the smallest sections - a scrapbooking tool that you do not want to miss any more. For accurate measurements there are built-in grating lines and markings, these are in centimeters and in inches applied. The CutterPillar Pro is made of light but durable ABS. Four AA batteries are required to operate the light function (not included).